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If the words ‘compression hosiery’ conjure up images of the type of thick, beige socks mostly seen on the elderly, it’s understandable if you’ve never given a thought to wearing it yourself. However, times they are a-changing! The therapeutic hosiery of today is worlds away from the stuff your grandma wore, and there’s one brand in particular that’s leading this youthful, style-focused revolution: Solidea.

Solidea USA - stylish compression tights and pantyhose

Solidea, where function meets fashion

With a philosophy that’s based around “the glamour of well-being”, Solidea is an internationally-popular, family-owned label from Italy. Though it has been around for decades and is located in the country’s hosiery district of Castel Goffredo, which has a rich heritage of textile production dating back to medieval times, this company is every bit as modern as they come – even down to fully-robotized production systems to ensure consistent quality!

Right from the yarn itself, all Solidea leg and bodywear is 100% made in Italy, and uses only premium raw materials. All of their products are OEKO-TEX certified too, meaning their dyes are guaranteed to be non-toxic. What really sets the label apart from other high-end hosiery brands however is the way they’ve made it their mission to create products that allow people to feel elegant and stylish at all times, even while actively treating issues such as tired legs, swollen ankles, or poor circulation.

Their reputation for world-leading therapeutic hosiery has been built up through an unparalleled combination of luxurious quality, cutting-edge technologies, and a strong emphasis on creating fashion-forward designs. State-of-the-art knitting techniques are employed which are capable of transforming ultra-fine yarns into garments with powerful health-enhancing, comfort-boosting, and figure-perfecting properties, whether that’s a sculpting control top or even something that will smooth your skin while you sleep.

Let’s take a look at some of those different product ranges and their benefits…

Solidea USA - Minerva compression tights with sparkly lurex

Solidea Minerva graduated compression tights

Contemporary compression hosiery

Graduated compression is an integral part of the Solidea brand, being incorporated into almost every single one of their products. The reason is simple – it does so many good things for your health, well-being, and comfort! You can reap the rewards of Solidea compression whether you’re laid up in bed recovering from a surgery, hitting the local track to train hard for a marathon, or even just running errands in town.

How does compression hosiery work?

Graduated compression hosiery is all about giving your circulation a healthy boost. Unlike cheap support pantyhose which provide all-over compression, graduated compression hosiery applies the firmest pressure at the ankle and then progressively reduces it further up. This helps your body to move blood back up towards your heart efficiently, by making it harder for the blood to move back down with gravity between heartbeats, and this in turn allows fresh, oxygen-rich blood to flow into your legs and feet.

Thanks to the brand's high-tech knitting machinery, Solidea compression stockings and pantyhose are able to apply highly precise levels of pressure, as well as apply very firm compression (higher than you'd typically get from cheap 'support pantyhose') as found in Solidea 140 denier, CCL1 and CCL2 products. Many styles come in multiple versions ranging from extra-mild to suitable-for-use-after-a-surgery strong, so you can pick not only a design you like the look of but also the degree of compression that best suits your symptoms.

compression tights and socks for tired feet and aching legs

What is compression hosiery good for?
  • Tired, achy legs. By keeping your circulation at a healthy rhythm, compression hosiery soothes tired muscles in your feet and legs. So whether they ache because you’re on your feet all day or, conversely, from lack of movement because you’re always sat at a desk, Solidea compression socks and Solidea tights provide an easy solution to general discomfort.
  • Varicose veins. When sluggish circulation mixes with weakened vein valves, blood can get ‘backed up’ and lead to a bulge known as a varicose vein. Because graduated compression gets the blood flowing, it can both treat existing varicose veins and prevent them from forming in the first place.
  • Swelling. Graduated compression doesn’t just give a helping hand to your circulatory system, it also boosts your lymphatic system too which is responsible for draining away excess fluid. Whether you’re suffering from chronic foot or ankle swelling or it’s been brought on by pregnancy or a recent surgery, this gravity-defying pressure will provide relief.
  • Pregnancy. For a number of reasons, your veins have an even tougher time pumping blood back up to your heart during pregnancy, which can lead to any - or all! - of the issues above. The Solidea maternity range offers various compression options with added benefits for moms-to-be, such as the Solidea maternity shorts which also help to support your bump and prevent stretch-marks.
  • Preventing DVT when flying. Not only will Solidea’s hosiery keep you comfortable when you can’t easily stretch your legs, but by preventing your blood from pooling, it minimizes your risk of developing a dangerous blood clot during the flight.
  • Sports performance. You don’t need to be ‘suffering’ to benefit from graduated compression – it’s also a tried-and-tested way to supercharge your muscles during a workout! By keeping them fully oxygenated, not only are they able to perform like never before, but lactic acid build-up is also reduced meaning you can keep going for longer, avoid painful muscle cramps, and enjoy a shorter recovery time.

As to the question, “can compression leggings help with cellulite?”, we’ll cover that separately in just a moment!

Solidea product lines with graduated compression

As mentioned, almost all Solidea pantyhose come with graduated compression. From simple Solidea knee hi socks to sexy thigh highs, and from bold patterns and fishnet compression stockings to styles created for a barely-there look, there’s an option for any outfit!

And it's not just limited to hosiery! Whether you're wearing an anti-cellulite Solidea panty, a pair of slimming sleeves, or one of their sports supports, you'll be feeling the benefits of graduated compression.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend taking a look at Solidea Fashion and Solidea Marilyn for a fashion or glamour focus such as fishnet compression tights, Solidea Venere for sheer summer pantyhose, and Solidea Active for sportswear.

Solidea USA - Silver Wave anti cellulite bodywear short

Solidea Silver Wave anti-cellulite high-waist shorts

Micromassage: on-the-go cellulite treatment

So, do compression stockings help with cellulite? The circulation boost of compression for cellulite can help a little by making it easier for your body to efficiently remove cells that shouldn't be there, but Solidea also goes one (huge!) step further by incorporating more direct skin-resurfacing technologies into certain product ranges.

Always at the forefront of textile technology, this Italian hosiery brand has for example developed and patented a unique ‘micromassage’ fabric, which has a three-dimensional wave structure designed to actively smooth and tone your skin.

How does micromassage anti-cellulite hosiery work?

Cellulite is caused by an accumulation of (primarily) fat cells that become trapped near to the skin’s surface, pushing against it. Tough connective cords keep your skin anchored to the underlying muscle, so this excess fat forms ‘bumps’ in between the cords, leading to a dimpled surface.

Every time you move, the softly-ridged texture of Solidea’s micromassage fabric gets pulled back and forth across your skin, gently massaging it. This works to break down those trapped fat cells, allowing your body to carry them away and restore your skin’s original smoothness.

Unlike other time-consuming treatment options, you can simply pop on a pair of these micromassage Solidea compression leggings or pantyhose and go about your day – and reuse the same garment over and over, making it incredibly cost-effective compared to expensive creams or salon treatments!

Solidea product lines with anti-cellulite micromassage action

The more you move while wearing this fabric, the more it massages, so naturally a workout is the perfect occasion to wear it. To that end, Solidea Micromassage Magic and Solidea Silver Wave (with bacteria-inhibiting silver ions!) have been designed with sports in mind, although you can also wear these Solidea leggings, shorts and body shapers under your regular clothing. Solidea Magic meanwhile blends a micromassage top with a sheer pantyhose leg, so that you can fight cellulite even during your days at the office.

Solidea Night Wellness anti cellulite thigh highs with infrared

Solidea Night Wellness infrared anti-cellulite thigh highs

Infrared hosiery for smoother, firmer skin

Perhaps Solidea’s most high-tech hosiery innovation of them all, their experts in Italy have created a revolutionary line of science-based hosiery and bodywear which emits invisible Far Infrared (FIR) rays upon contact with your skin. Like their micromassage fabric, this is aimed at breaking down fat cells, for a smoother and slimmer new you.

How does infrared anti-cellulite hosiery work?

The yarn in these garments contains a mineral additive that begins producing FIR rays when warmed up, which happens thanks to your body heat.

FIR rays – which are perfectly safe and used in many beauty salon treatments – have been proven to break down fat cells, treating cellulite and slimming your figure in much the same way as Solidea’s micromassage collection. However, these rays also stimulate an increase in collagen and elastin production, two elements that are crucial to skin elasticity. Over time your skin will become firmer, which makes it harder for any remaining trapped fat cells to push outwards and cause that bumpy appearance.

Infrared has long been a popular anti-cellulite treatment in salons, and now, thanks to Solidea, you can indulge in its skin-rejuvenating magic all day long!

Solidea product lines with anti-cellulite infrared action

The Solidea Red Wellness collection contains opaque leg smoothing tights and stylish compression leggings which are versatile enough to work for most occasions, while their Solidea Night line provides you with ultra-comfy, infrared-emitting compression stockings for cellulite to wear while sleeping, so that every morning you’ll wake up looking a little more perfect than the day before. Or, get double the daytime smoothing effect with Solidea Red Wave, which combines together their infrared and micromassage technologies into one ultra-effective anti-cellulite treatment!

Solidea Naomi 30 pantyhose with panty control top

Solidea Naomi 30 control top pantyhose

Powerfully figure-shaping pantyhose

Most major hosiery brands have a shaping line, but who is better placed to design a truly excellent one than Solidea, whose extensive expertise with graduated compression means they know exactly how to knit pantyhose that will compress targeted areas in a comfortable and controlled manner?

How does shaping hosiery work?

Much like their compression applies gentle-yet-effective pressure below the thigh, Solidea’s control top hosiery uses the latest technologies to incorporate precisely-positioned shaping panels higher up. These sections of reinforced yarn are a little less stretchy, while still maintaining comfort, to hold you in. Some styles incorporate a bottom lift panel too, a reinforced band of fabric that functions much like the underwire in your bra, supporting and lifting from below for a perkier look!

Overall, you’ll get a slimmer, smoother-looking silhouette under your clothing – just like with shapewear, only without the bulkiness and with pantyhose built right in.

Solidea product lines with control top shaping

For a classic, all-in-one control top that flattens your tummy, sculpts your hips, and slims your thighs, you can’t go wrong with the Solidea Wonder Model collection. To truly perfect your silhouette under bodycon clothing however, the Solidea Wonderful Hips line features a super-high waistband for a flawlessly-smooth look from your bust down to your toes. And if your top priority is a stylish look? You’ll love the glamorous vibe of Solidea Naomi which disguises its control top as a chic lace panty!

Solidea USA - Red Wellness infrared anti-cellulite and graduated compression tights

Solidea Red Wellness 70 anti-cellulite compression tights

Solidea: impressive designs, impressive results

Whatever the occasion and whatever your personal style, this high-end Italian hosiery brand will keep you looking fantastic while feeling light on your feet, plus allow you to treat a wide range of leg conditions with no one being any the wiser about the therapeutic properties of your ‘normal’ looking socks or pantyhose. In fact, many Solidea stockings will even add a touch of sensual glamour to your lingerie drawer!

Let’s leave unattractive, uncomfortable compression legwear in the past where it belongs – with Solidea, you truly can look as good as you feel, and feel as good as you look! Shop Solidea online now.