Compression shapewear that makes a fashion statement

In the late 1990s, before Legluxe became a household name in fashionable compression wear, founder Max served customers in his family’s medical supplies store. While the products greatly helped improve customers’ lives, they certainly weren’t glamorous. Max could see the disappointment all over the faces of the well-dressed women who would reluctantly come in to fill their prescription for thick, beige compression stockings.

Often, the fashion connoisseurs of the day chose to compromise upon their health, and ditch their compression hosiery in favor of fashionable legwear. Clearly, something needed to change. Why should women – or men, for that matter – have to choose between health and personal style?

 They shouldn’t. 

It was time to roll out a line of modern compression hosiery — and later, shapewear — that focused on fashion and wellness in equal spades.

Premium Quality and Style

As it turns out, the answer lay halfway across the world in Europe. After extensive research, it became clear to Max that no one else could offer quite what the Italians could when it comes to compression hosiery: the best raw materials, transformed into clothing via the very best craftsmanship.

Home to one of the world’s fashion capitals, Italy is leading the way on effective and stylish compression wear for men and women. Max found that Italian manufacturers knew how to incorporate old-style weaving with emerging technology to produce quality hosiery that fits, feels and functions like a dream. 

Each one of the 3 brands that Max brought onboard to help build his vision of fashion compression wear was carefully vetted for fashion, functionality, and durability before being invited to the Legluxe family. 

Whether you’ve got your eye on Solidea’s innovative anti-cellulite compression leggings, or you’re feeling drawn to something by Oroblu or Sanpellegrino, you can be sure that this is wellness-focused legwear that really works.

Pushing the Fashion Needle in Compression Hosiery and Shapewear

While Legluxe launched in 2005 to make premium-quality, Italian compression hosiery easily accessible to customers in the U.S, Max knew he could do more. 

Legluxe grew from fashion forward hosiery to all things compression. Max expanded the product range to incorporate body-contouring compression underwear for women, utilizing emerging technologies and Italian craftsmanship. Our next-generation shapewear range sculpts your figure rather than simply compressing. So you can enjoy a smoother, slimmer look without losing your fabulous curves!

About Compression Grade Support

Graduated compression has a whole range of benefits, not least of which is its ability to soothe and relax tired legs. Donning a pair of graduated compression pantyhose is a simple way to treat spider veins and varicose veins — or prevent them from ever forming. Others turn to compression socks when flying, to avert dangerous blood clots. 

This is perfect for those who are up on their feet all day including nurses, retail salespeople, warehouse managers, and even just busy moms and dads. Sports enthusiasts also love the way compression clothing boosts your circulation, oxygenating your muscles to perform to their fullest potential.

In short, Legluxe compression wear will keep your legs in excellent health and allow you to feel comfortable while looking downright swell.

More than Just Support Hosiery

When we say that our compression hosiery works, we really mean it. This isn’t the same thing as the cheap support pantyhose you can purchase at your local department store – the difference is all in the graduated compression, which applies targeted pressure to different areas in a way that effectively boosts circulation. It takes very specialist technology to make this happen, but that’s why we went to Italy!

You definitely don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy compression hosiery – but if you’ve got one, we’ve got you covered. The Legluxe range includes a variety of support levels from ultra-light to ultra-firm, so you can find a stylish solution even if you need something medical-grade. We carry hosiery rated to help treat circulation problems or swelling caused by diabetes, for example, or suitable for use after surgery or if you’re dealing with ulcers – and they’re every bit as elegant as our ‘everyday’ designs.

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