A chic, young woman walked in to the apothecary asking for support hose. After looking over the drab, medical-looking garments she asked if they had anything that an in-vogue woman wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear. When the sales associate said: That’s all we’ve got, she sighed, thanked them and left the store.

The apothecary was founded by an eastern European immigrant in the Lower East Side post WWII. It had built a reputation as the destination for health, wellness and specialty solutions to beauty problem. The section for compression stockings -- worn by women to boost circulation -- was one of their largest.

The founder’s two twenty-something grandchildren joined the apothecary in the 1990’s. When the door closed behind the young woman it started a discussion between the cousins: Why can’t something with medical benefits also be chic, sexy, and fashionable?

The fateful meeting with the woman inspired the two cousins to create a high quality, stylish brand that women would actually want to wear. Scouring the world they found a German manufacturer who could design a “medical hosiery” line chic enough even for the most discerning customer. The response was overwhelming. To complement the store’s assortment, additional brands of imported high quality hosiery brands with wellness benefits were added over the years.

In 2005 Legluxe was born with the goal of bringing the store’s carefully selected styles and clinically proven legwear and bodycare products to customers everywhere. In the eight years since its inception, Legluxe has stayed true to their roots by offering products that deliver health and wellness benefits without sacrificing style, sophistication, or sexiness.